Transgender Citizens in Illinois can now change their Birth Certificates with more ease,Disturbing details from a Nurse who was held hostage at Delnor Hospital,and Updates regarding the shootings that took place in Aurora on Wednesday

The Illinois house has endorsed a plan to make it easier for transgender people to change their
birth certificates. The house approved the proposal Thursday. It would allow transgender citizens
to change their gender designation with authorization from a medical professional.

There are new, disturbing details about a nurse held hostage by an inmate at Delnor Hospital in
Geneva earlier this month. The nurse’s lawyer says she was beaten, tortured and raped by 21
year old Tywon Salters who was being treated at the hospital. A lawsuit was filed against
corrections officials and the Kane County Sheriff’s office.

An update on an officer involved shooting Wednesday morning in Aurora that left a suspect
wounded. An undercover officer says a 21 year old suspected pointed a gun at him Wednesday
morning so he opened fire. Four other men got involved as well as officers in separate unmarked
cars. Four of the five have been arrested.