A Naperville Man is released out of Jail for the first time since 1995, 5 Names were added to the Veterans’ Monument in Phillips Park in Aurora, and the was no Floor Vote last night in the State House of Representatives over Budget Measures

A Naperville man is out of jail for the first time since 1995. A childhood friend posted 10 percent of William Amor’s 100-thousand-dollar bail set by a judge who cited advancements in fire science in vacating Amor’s conviction in the 1995 burning death of his mother-in-law at their condo.

A ceremony was held this week adding five names to the veterans’ monument in Phillips Park in Aurora. The Aurora Veterans Advisory Council welcomed family members to the park Sunday to add two Army and three Air Force veterans to the monument. All five attended high school in Aurora.

No floor vote last night in the state house of representatives on budget measures. Illinois house speaker Michael Madison acknowledged Wednesday that lawmakers would miss the midnight deadline for a deal to end the longest state budget drought in modern American history.