Naperville Police and Naperville Park Police plan to hand out “Sweet” Citations this Summer,Federal Officials will be providing free Summer Meals for School Children, and Aurora Police need help finding people who have been placing Credit Card Skimmers around the City

Naperville police and the Naperville Park police will be issuing a different kind of citation for residents demonstrating proper bike safety this summer. The “tickets” can be redeemed for free ice cream at the Riverwalk Café. The bicycle safety awareness campaign will continue through the end of August.

Federal officials say they’re providing free summer meals for school children at numerous sites across Illinois. The state’s board of education runs the summer meals program with organizations including the Illinois hunger coalition. The idea is to provide meals to children in the months between school years.

Aurora police need the public’s help in identifying two people allegedly placing credit card skimmers and cameras in ATM’s in the city. The devices can look like a part of the ATM and slip over a credit card to read the information. Devices were found at an ATM on North Farnsworth and at another on North Orchard.