Naperville Fire Chief is named 2017 Fire Chief of the Year, a Carpentersville man drowns after jumping into the Fox River, and The 8th Annual Aurora Greenfest comes around this Saturday

Naperville Fire chief Mark Puknaitis has been named the 2017 Fire chief of the year in Illinois, Puknaitis will be awarded the honor by the Illinois State Crime Commission and the Police Athletic League of Illinois at  The 21st annual  “Salute to those who make a difference” on June 21st in Oak Brook Terrace.

A Carpentersville man dies after jumping into the Fox River,Police say 29-Year Old Ernest Prentic was pulled from the river after his body had been seen floating. Kane County Corner’s Office performed an autopsy this week and determined he had drowned.

The 8th annual Aurora Greenfest is this Saturday,the theme is Repair,Repurpose, and Reconnect and will be held from 10am to 4 pm at the Prisco Community Center on West Illinois Ave. There’s a Green Car show a collection of Snakes and Lizards from the Chicago Herpetological Society,live music, and games.