Aurora Police investigate a robbery late Wednesday afternoon,a former professor at Wheaton College violates probation,and the Illinois budget deficit with be over $6 Billion for the fiscal year

Police are investigating a robbery at a store in North Aurora late Wednesday afternoon. North Aurora P.D. says the man asked for a type of liquor, then left the store. About a minute later he held up the register with a gun and ran away with an unknown amount of cash. The clerk was not injured.

A former professor at Wheaton College convicted of child porn charges in 2013 could see more prison time for violating probation. Prosecutors say 65-year-old Donald Ratcliff tried to get around a computer monitoring system as part of his probation to watch a movie featuring child nudity.

Forecasters for the Illinois general assembly say the state’s budget deficit will top $6.2 billion for the fiscal year through June 30th. Representative David McSweeney requested a review by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.