Aurora appoints it’s first Chief Innovation Officer,The League of Women Voters is holding an event in Elgin,and The Kane County Board of Agriculture denies a Fowl Request


Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin announced  the city’s first Chief Innovation Officer a former DePaul University Professor Adrienne Merced-Holloway who will work on strategic planning to answer Aurora’s strengths through innovative ideas and practices according to Mayor Irvin.

The League of Women’s voters is hosting a Civic engagement event in Elgin June 24th, the event at the Gale Borden Library is designed to present education to anyone who wants to get involved in local,state and federal politics.

The Kane County Board has denied a Homeowner’s request to allow fowl on his property in Blackberry township. The amendment to the planned unit development would have allowed chicken,geese,and ducks on a residential lot on Willow Creek Drive.