A Gang Member from Aurora is arrested for selling drugs,University of Illinois looks to break Ground next year on a stand alone Football Center, and the Illinois State Government gets little work done on the State Budget

Aurora authorities say 39 year-old Paul Benavidez pleaded guilty to delivering controlled substances in late March. Benavidez was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and has been credited with 314 Days.

University of Illinois Athletic Director Josh Whitman says plans for a $132 Million renovation at Memorial Stadium are on hold, he says instead the School will break ground next year on a Stand Alone Football Performance Center costing $60 to $80 Million Dollars.

A special legislative session that started yesterday got off to a slow start. Both the house and the senate adjourned quickly on Wednesday without making much progress. The Illinois State Government continues to try and solve an unprecedented budget crisis that has lingered for several years.