Aurora Man pulls a gun on Party Host after not being able to test drive a Car,State Officals warn citizens about Firework Safety,and Illinois may be put into the “Junk” credit rating

St. Charles Police arrest an Aurora man who threatened party goers at gun point. 36-year old Eric Derby faces weapons related charges and resisting arrest. One person says Derby brought out a gun when the guests refused to let him test drive their car.

State officials are warning residents about Firework Safety as the 4th of July nears. The State Department of Natural Resources is asking the public to let only licensed professionals handle fire works, violations can be felony crimes with a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

and Illinois is on track to become the first US State to have it’s credit rating downgraded to junk status S&P Global Ratings has warned,the agency will likely lower Illinois Credit Rating worthiness to below investment grade if the State doesn’t agree on a State budget for the 3rd straight year.