The Aurora Historical Society offers Free Festivities this 4th of July, Healthcare and the ACA will be on Congressman Bill Foster’s agenda this Thursday, and Illinois approved a $5 Billion Income Tax Increase


Congressman Bill Foster will host a community discussion on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act on Thursday. The town hall meeting will be held at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet and will include several presentations. Foster represents the 11th district including Aurora and Naperville.

The Aurora Historical Society is offering tours of an 1867 home and other free festivities in celebration of the 4th of July. There’ll be games, a live band, and a pie-eating contest tomorrow at the Tanner house. The home was donated to the Historical Society in the 1930’s.

On Sunday the Illinois house of representatives approved a $5 billion income tax increase as well as a spending plan for the new fiscal year. Gov. Bruce Rauner, however, immediately issued a statement saying he would veto the tax increase if it is not accompanies by business-friendly reforms.