The State of Illinois now has a Finalized Budget at the cost of a 32% Income Tax Increase,Stable Owners send help to a boarding facility in Plainfield after a deadly fire, and Aurora Parties on with a World Record for “Most People Head Banging Simultaneously”

The Illinois house has voted to override Governor Rauner’s vetoes of a budget package, giving the state its first finalized budget in two years. The new budget will be fueled by a permanent 32% income tax increase and it includes spending cuts.

Stables owners are rallying to help after a fire at a boarding facility in Plainfield killed 18 horses. The fire that killed the horses was reported Wednesday morning. Two people were injured while trying to rescue animals. 12 other horses survived.

Aurora now holds the world record for the most people head banging simultaneously. An event was held on the 4th of July at River Edge park in honor of the 25th anniversary of “Wayne’s World,” set in Aurora. More than a thousand people broke the previous record of 320 people in Australia.