ALERT: Beware of Frauds & Scams Warns Naperville PD

Last month’s column on behalf of the Senior Task Force featured frauds and scams. This month we’ll look at ruse entry burglaries.

According to Julie Smith, NPD Crime Prevention Specialist, ruse burglaries are more popular in the summer, and Naperville is not insulated from them.

Ruse entry burglaries are an attempt to enter your house through deception, usually with the intent to steal valuables or cash inside your house. Senior citizens are often targeted by these groups during daylight hours.

Offenders usually pose as outside workers, such as surveyors, utility company workers, city water department employees, or tree trimmers. They will name drop your neighbors, saying they are “doing work for them.” (They can easily get your personal information by looking online and in mailboxes.) They will try and to get you outside and lured away from your front entrance. Once you are outside your home, another offender will sneak inside to snatch small items, such as jewelry, flatware or cash.

So, what can you do to keep from becoming a victim?

Find more information about “frauds and scams” on the City of Naperville’s website,

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